Advancing Together is founded on universal principles of human rights and promotes values of equality, inclusion, diversity, dialogue, and solidarity. It promotes social justice and socio-economic development for all individuals and groups regardless of their ethnic, religious, gender, or social backgrounds.

Overall Development of the Society is the ultimate Goal for which Advancing Together has been founded. In our understanding development is multi-dimensional in nature that affects all spheres of life.


Advancing Together promotes a multi-ethnic society that is founded on universal individual and collective rights and equality, and where all persons have the opportunity to express their talents, skills and pursue their self-accomplishment. In our vision of the future, the voices of the least fortunate and most vulnerable amongst us are heard and their rights acknowledged.


In achieving that Vision, Advancing Together has taken upon the mission of advocating, promoting, and developing measures and programs to ensure that the rights of all communities and their members are respected. Through active engagement in policy debate and development, watchdog activities, education, service delivery and active engagement of communities in building social safety nets, we undertake to promote the rights of vulnerable groups within Kosovo and internationally.

Specific Objectives

SO1: Ensuring effective implementation of legal framework and development/upgrade of legislation pertaining to the rights of vulnerable communities. Within this Specific Objective AT will aim at optimizing the legal and institutional framework for upholding the rights of non-majority communities and promoting their best interests.

SO2: Economic Empowerment of vulnerable communities. Within this specific Objective, AT will aim at supporting the inclusion of vulnerable communities in the economy, with particular focus on Returnees promote re-distribution of wealth through public investments and promoting equal access to work and markets.

SO3: Family and Community Empowerment. Within this Specific Objective AT will aim at strengthening families and other community structures that are resilient and sustainable and serve as safety nets in ensuring the wellbeing of individuals within these communities.