ADVANCING TOGETHER – The Organization has been established on the purpose of creating a stable environment in Kosova for the integration of the communities through advocating and developmental support; promoting human rights, supporting cultural heritage of all communities; supporting all communities in the local, regional and European integration processes in order to provide a stable development of the Republic of Kosova and South Eastern Europe. The Organization shall also promote research work and developing of various projects related to these issues.

”The future depends on what you do today.”



Real Life Stories 2019

This booklet is an insight of what people’s experiences have been like when they were fleeing their homeland and their return. Through the in-depth conversation with them and use of pictures we urge you to give a moment to explore feelings of identity, fear, loss, love, empathy, tolerance, peace, justice and more. These are the stories that not only need to be told but also need to be heard.

Fact Sheet May 2019

Dikh he na bister 2019

Be part of the visit on Auschwitz camp in Krakow, Poland and learn more about Roma Genocide during 2WW. Read invitation on your language by clicking the links in the right side and learn more how to apply.